About Managing Resources

We assist companies and other organisations, especially academic ones, interested in life science.  We have particular expertise in helping companies in countries such as the USA and Australia develop appropriate strategies for Europe.

Managing Resources was founded by Alan Williams in 1988.

Based in Cambridge, UK, we now have associates all over the UK and in Europe, USA and Australia.

We have worked with public and private sector organizations in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Our team has wide experience in the Life Science industries and in the IT sector, but we have also helped companies in several other fields.

We perceive considerable opportunity in the overlap between IT and the biological sciences, such as the management of knowledge in bioscience industries (for example, bioinformatics and dossier development).

A further area of particular interest is the rapidly developing technologies for therapeutic applications of living cells.

Our fields of expertise include: strategic analysis and planning, market analysis, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, trade sales, joint ventures, partnering, technology assessment, technology transfer and licensing and regulatory oversight.

We also have access to a wide range of other services such as: product and service design, human resource development, public and investor relations, accounting, tax advice, legal, insurance, patents and other intellectual property. We can also access interim managers if required.

We have a huge range of high-level contacts across several industries and also amongst key service providers; these contacts can assist our clients to meet their objectives.

Biographical Information
All of our Directors and Principal Associates have had a minimum of ten years experience in large life science organisations operating internationally and most have been independent consultants for at least ten years. Some of the key individuals are profiled below:

Alan Williams (Chairman) founded Managing Resources in 1988. He is an experienced manager in the biosciences sector having worked in the healthcare and agrochemical industries for many years. His roles included strategy development, M&A, marketing and licensing. He was also an investment manager in a venture capital company specialising in biotechnology for four years. As a consultant he has worked with public and private sector clients in several European countries. He is a respected industry commentator, publishing industry reports and speaking at international conferences.

Mark Baxter
(Principal Associate) specialises in corporate and marketing communications and investor relations. Formerly Managing Director of the UK subsidiary of a leading international public relations company, he has acted as a senior adviser to a wide range of organisations, in many industrial and professional sectors, in UK, USA and Europe. He has a record of creating innovative and highly effective communications strategies.

Dr Tony Callow
(Principal Associate) is a specialist in  agriculture, animal and food production, nutrition and health. He has detailed knowledge of developing an institutional base for these sectors throughout Europe. He is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Isabelle Durand-Zaleski (Principal Associate) Professor of Medicine, MD, member of the National Committee for Public Health is based in Paris, she has a comprehensive understanding of the French medical system and how it compares with systems in other countries. She has in-depth knowledge of French data sources for all medical technologies including drug markets.

Celia Hobbs is our administration manager. She provides a support service to all our directors and associates and maintains our project control systems.

Gareth James
(Principal Associate) specialises in Human Resources issues. He is a highly qualified and experienced individual having worked in major life science companies and as a consultant for several years. Apart from developing and installing HR policies and systems he conducts recruitment campaigns and creates/delivers bespoke management development programmes. 

Bruce Knight (Principal Associate) has a career record, including CEO experience, in the management of change in the agricultural and related industries, with particular emphasis on technologies associated with crop production and utilisation in Europe. He has expertise in market studies, business planning, corporate development and marketing programmes for clients developing biotechnology products and processes, transgenic crops, novel chemicals and application equipment.

Richard Kruger
(Principal Associate) is based in Sharon, Massachusetts (near Boston) where he works closely with client companies to assist them in the approval of their products by regulatory agencies.  He has more than 25 years experience of managing regulatory programmes with particular knowledge of working with the Food and Drug Administration concerning the approval of medical devices, biologics and cell and tissue-based therapies.

Meredith Lloyd-Evans (Principal Associate) has worked as a consultant for over eleven years after holding a senior technical position in a leading healthcare company. He has experience of assisting European, American and Japanese companies with product and business development programmes. He has particular expertise in the regulatory area and has published guides to the European regulatory scene.

Vincenzo Mancuso (Associate) is based in Torino, Italy. He has more than 15 years experience of strategic marketing in the life sciences sector, especially in the medical devices market, working for large multinational companies. He specialises in providing public relations, investor relations, marketing communications services and customer relationship management.

Jane Pennington (Associate) has over thirteen years direct marketing experience.  She set up the international marketing operations for Science magazine in Cambridge developing a full range of direct marketing functions and their marketing team.  She globally launched the Science Online web site and provided international advice on its development and that of its component sites. Her expertise lies in marketing strategy and planning, market research, data analysis, report writing, direct mail and web site development.  She is also an award winning copy writer.

David Thelwall (Principal Associate) specialises in the fields of marketing, including market analysis, and corporate strategy development in the agriculture, food and related industries. He has a particular interest in technology transfer. He has undertaken major studies for the British Government, the European Union and substantial private sector clients over more than ten years as a consultant.

Lyndal Thorburn (Associate) who is based in Canberra, Australia is an expert on the status of the life science industries in that country. She has consulted for large multinational companies, for local companies and also for the public sector. A significant part of her work is concerned with the processes of technology transfer from public sector research organisations into the commercial world.

Each of our Principal Associates has access to a wide range of individuals with additional skills that we can call upon when they are required.

Several of our Associates are competent in one or two European languages, other than English, but we can also call upon individuals fluent in French, German, Italian and Spanish to support the Principal Associates when required, especially for telephone interviewing.

Specialist contacts
In addition, to the consultancy skills that we provide directly, we have established relationships with other service providers. With our clients we determine their needs for such resources and make appropriate high level introductions to specialists such as those mentioned below:


We have a long standing relationship with a major London and Cambridge firm with excellent experience of transatlantic deal making and an outstanding record in intellectual property matters. In addition, we have excellent contacts in Cambridge with local offices of two other firms with significant knowledge of biotechnology.

Patent Agents
Developing intellectual property is a fundamental requirement for biotechnology firms. We can recommend two highly renowned London based Patent Agents.

Venture Capital
Some Venture Capital firms have a deep understanding of biotechnology and a history of performance in this sector. We know well key members of the management teams in several of the largest and most specialised firms.

Corporate Finance

We have direct contacts with selected specialists in this area, some of whom work in the major accountancy practices where we know the UK or European managers for biotechnology.


Banking services can be sold to companies on a routine basis but some banks, which we can recommend, have developed particular expertise in the special requirements of biotechnology companies.

Product Design
The industrial design of products requires an appropriate blend of functionality, visual appeal, manufacturability and cost. Achieving this is a highly specialised task; we believe that we have identified perhaps the most effective organisation in this field in the world. The business has had considerable experience of developing medical devices.

Interim Management

In any company there are times when expertise is required on a management basis rather than in consultancy mode but when the client is not ready to commit to a permanent appointment. Interim management is the answer. We have found, and built a relationship with, a firm which supplies interim managers to pre-IPO technology based companies and which is willing to convert part of its fee to equity to reduce the immediate cash demand on the client.

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