Academic Relationships

Academic Relationships
Managing Resources has had an on-going relationship with a number of educational and academic organisations.  We regard the business school arena as particularly  important for us.  This is an area in which we formulate our thoughts about the future development of the Life Sciences sector and also take the opportunity to alert the managers of the future to the exciting opportunities developing in the sector.

University Consulting
At various times we have provided consultancy services to many UK Universities including:  Aberdeen, Abertay, Brighton, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greenwich, Heriot-Watt, Lancaster, Robert Gordon and Strathclyde.

University of Cambridge
Alan Williams has been a Guest Lecturer on the University of Cambridge MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise. 

He also works with the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning in a number of ways including mentoring its students during company placements.

HogeSchool Voor Economische Studies Amsterdam (The Amsterdam School of Business)
For some years Alan Williams has delivered Guest Lectures at this leading international school with particular reference to the context of legal and regulatory impacts on biotechnology companies. With effect from June 2003, he has become a member of a Business Advisory Committee at HES.

City University Business School
Alan Williams had been a Visiting Lecturer at CUBS where he was responsible for the creation and delivery of a course entitled “Strategic and Financial Management Issues in Biotechnology”.  This course obtained outstanding assessment reports from the student participants. Meredith Lloyd-Evans has also contributed to this course.

The Open University MBA Programmes
Strategy and Finance Modules
of the Open University’s MBA have been taught on Residential (three/four day) schools by Alan Williams for some years on the main MBA programme.  He has also authored material about biotechnology for inclusion in the specialist MBA in Technology Management.

As a member of The Steering Board, Alan Williams has been influential in the creation of the first industry specific MBA for the Life Sciences Industry, working with professionals from the University and from leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology organisations. The first students for the programme award MBA (Life Sciences) commenced study in November 2004. Alan Williams has been closely involved in the preparation of the course BS 811 (Strategic Management in Life Sciences and Healthcare) which is central to the new award. A number of his associates and contacts have also been involved in creating this programme.

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