Global Activity

Travel and communications are increasingly simple and cheap.  People are both more international and more mobile. Many industries are becoming global rather than remaining in one country; this is especially true of high technology industries.

Biotechnology is R&D intensive and adequate returns on that investment can only be achieved by ensuring that products are developed for the global market.

North America accounts for more than 40% of the world pharmaceutical market, Western Europe for about 25% and Japan for 15%.

Very early in the development process biotechnology companies must determine how they are to address the different sectors of the world market.

The assumption of a single global alliance may not offer the best overall return; indeed, it may be a highly risky strategy (see our publications list).

Given its European base and its wide range of contacts in Europe, and knowledge of US business practices, Managing Resources is well positioned to offer a range of services to biotechnology companies, especially to those based in North America and
Australasia and with little previous international exposure.

Our structure enables us to offer such companies more economical services, and a more personal approach, than those provided by the multi-national professional service firms. We realise that our clients may need to work with such firms when they have matured, but we are pleased to help them to grow to that point. 

Digital and electronic business channels also create global opportunities. These can be exploited by businesses in diverse fields; through its partners, Managing Resources can provide strategic support and practical help to these businesses

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