Managing Resources was commissioned by ERBI (formerly the Eastern Region Biotechnology Initiative) to create and deliver a development programme for its member organisations in the Cambridge biotechnology cluster. "An Introduction to Drug Development" is an overview of the entire process from discovery to market. The programme is delivered in two slightly different versions tailored to the needs and prior knowledge of scientists and administration/professional staff. The programme is delivered two or three times each quarter; (see Erbi for details of the next presentation dates). To date about 30 sessions have been delivered to around 400 delegates. The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive.

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Corporate Developments in Biotechnology in 2005 in Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 11 No 3; April 2005: Abstract: In 1998, the author produced two papers which argued that consolidation was a necessary activity for biotechnology companies to pay greater attention to. Three years later a further consideration of the subject was published. Corporate developments in biotechnology in the first decade of the 21st Century are now considered.

Alan Williams gave a plenary presentation at Ausbiotech 2002 in Melbourne, Australia on the subject "The European Biotechnology Experience". He was also invited to speak at the invitation-only CEO breakfast on the subject of academic/industrial relationships in the UK.

Alan Williams attended Ausbiotech 2003 in Adelaide and Ausbiotech 2004 in Brisbane; in each case he was invited to chair sessions in the Investment and Partnering Forums.

"Current Issues in Biotechnology in Europe” 
An address in June 2003 in Washington DC to an audience invited by ASMR (a part of the American Society of Microbiology).