Possible Therapies

Artificial organs using animal cells

Circe Biomedical pioneered the use of a bioartificial liver containing pig cells. The cells were kept separate from the patientís system using hollow fibre membranes that allowed the exchange of metabolites. The Circe product has been tested in clinical trials to maintain patients in acute liver failure while awaiting the arrival of a transplantable liver from a suitable donor; in some cases, the use of the device allowed the patientís liver to recover without the need for a transplant. Circe has also carried out development of a bioartificial pancreas. One of the beauties of such a system is that it delivers exactly the effect that is needed, no more and no less, exactly at the time that is needed, because of the ability of the cells to produce the necessary metabolites when and only when they are needed and in response to metabolic changes.


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