Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Examples of Projects
Carried out a pan-European survey of the market for a bio-artificial liver. In the course of this project we estimated the market potential for the device in several market segments and interviewed over fifty liver surgeons and specialists, mostly face-to-face, in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Organised, over a five year period, appropriate links between the client mentioned above and the UK regulatory system.

Undertook a five country survey of the European potential for a candidate anti-inflammatory product believed to have potential in the treatment of burns and severe asthma. Interviews to determine facts and opinions were conducted, often face-to-face and sometimes by telephone, with burns units and specialist asthma centres in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Researched distribution companies for an Australian medical devices company and helped it to establish the core of its European distribution network.  We recommended a short list of candidates, helped in the selection process of four partners, covering eight countries, and advised on associated strategic issues.

Managed the liaison between the European distributors and the principal (above) while also researching the expansion of the network to bring in additional partners/countries.

Assessed the current state of the childhood vaccination programme in the UK for a US based company in the early stages of developing a needle-less injection system. We provide continuing strategic advice to this company.

Created a one-day programme “An introduction to Drug Development” which we present twice each quarter to scientific and administrative staff in biotechnology companies in the Cambridge area.  This highly regarded programme has been presented in the Cambridge region, under the auspices of ERBI, more than thirty times.

Variants of the programme presented through ERBI have been designed (customised) for use in other regions. For example, a version with Southern Hemisphere emphasis has been delivered in New Zealand (for BIO in 2004); similarly, a version focused on European opportunities was delivered in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 and in Washington DC in 2003. Other versions have been delivered in universites.

Helped a specialist biologicals manufacturer to enhance its production capability through identifying organisations willing to enter into partnerships with it.  The client wished to remain anonymous in the research phase and only declare itself at the time of detailed negotiation.  As consultants we were able to preserve the client’s anonymity.

Identified financing opportunities in Europe for a US vaccine company preparing for its last round of funding before a proposed dual listing IPO.

Provided two interim managers (CEO and Commercial Director) for 12 months to a small company developing novel applications systems for the agricultural sector.

Carried out technology transfer projects for development agencies and universities.

Created and delivered a two day development programme "Financial Awareness for Regulatory Affairs Professionals".

On behalf of a company with a novel treatment in the vascular disease field, we researched European distribution possibilities and introduced the CEO to highly qualified candidates in UK, France, Germany, Austria and Italy; the partners appointed as a result of our work have formed the basis for further expansion of the client's European network.

Client List
Selected clients include:

Private sector
Circe Biomedical Inc, Needle-less Venture Inc, a US vaccine company, a US anti-inflammatory company, ML Laboratories PLC and its subsidiary Benest Engineering, Dow Agrosciences, Kikaku America International, Sandoz, USCOM, Danish Development Finance Corporation, ALC Consultants, British Institute of Regulatory Affairs.
All-Vascular, AMSR, CBACI, PharmaDynamics.

Public Sector
Scottish Development Agency/Scottish Enterprise, University of Lancaster, University of Brighton, University of Greenwich, Natural Resources Institute, Scottish Enterprise Tayside, Grampian Enterprise, Lothian and Edinburgh Enterprise.

Managing Resources was a member for many years of the Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO) and provided members to its Business Development Committee and the Food and Agriculture Section. Further information about BIO can be found at

Managing Resources is a member of the Eastern Region Biotechnology Initiative (ERBI). Further information about ERBI can be found at

Managing Resources is also a member of the Cambridge Network,, which gives it access to the full range of high technology and service organisations in the leading entrepreneurial centre in the UK, and arguably in Europe.

Alan Williams is an individual member of Ausbiotech.

BIO Annual Conferences
Each year Managing Resources attends the BIO Annual Conference and Exhibition. Managing Resources is proud of the fact that it was the first European organisation to create a workshop/seminar within the Conference in 1995. Managing Resources organised at least one event every year between 1995 and 2002, inclusive.

2002 Toronto
Cell Products - The Science and the Regulation
The seminar was chaired by
Richard Kruger, Principal Associate – USA Regulatory Affairs, Managing Resources Ltd.

The panellists were:
Kevin Amiri
Director Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance, Osiris Therapeutics Inc
Ewan Campbell
Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Intercytex Ltd
Iain Cubitt
Chief Executive Officer, CellFactors plc
Gary du Moulin
Vice President Quality Systems, Genzyme Biosurgery
Bruce Mackler
Chair of FDA/Legal Regulatory Group: Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe
Richard C. Meagher
Director, Sramek Center for Cell Engineering, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center.

See also 'Cell Therapies and Tissue Engineering' position paper

2001 San Diego
Growth Strategies and Business Models
Alan Williams of Managing Resources chaired an Interactive Panel Discussion entitled .

The panel consisted of:
Glyn Edwards
CEO, Antisoma plc
Adrian Hobden
President, Myriad Pharmaceuticals Inc
David Kent
Partner, Taylor Joynson Garrett
Stephen McAndrew
Director External Science & Technology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Martin Simonetti
CFO, Dendreon Inc

More than 350 people attended this popular and seminar in the Business Development Track of the most successful BIO Annual Conference.

2000 Boston
Biotechnology in the 21st Century

The panellists were:
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair)
Glyn Edwards
CEO, Antisoma plc
David Kent
Partner, Taylor Joynson Garrett
Ben McGraw
Chairman, CEO and President, Valentis Inc
Alan Mendelson
Partner, Cooley Godward 
Stephen Parker
Director, Apax Partners (now CFO of OGS plc)
Elliott Sigal
Senior Vice-President for Early Discovery and Applied Technology, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Martin Simoneti
CFO, Dendreon Inc

1999 Seattle
How to do Multinational Deals

The Speakers were:
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair)
Mark Hodgson
Taylor Joynson Garrett
David Kent
Partner, Taylor Joynson Garrett
Barbara Kosacz
Cooley Godward

Meredith Lloyd-Evans

Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd was an invited speaker in the International Roundtable event.

1998 New York
Partnering and Consolidation

The Speakers were:
Meredith Lloyd-Evans
Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair) 
Henry Fairpo
Ernst & Young
David Kent
Partner, Taylor Joynson Garrett
Phil Sienkiewicz
President, ExSource Associates Inc
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd

1997 Houston
Pharmaceutical Industry Expectations of Biotechnology Companies

The Speakers were:
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair)
Paul Haycock
Director, Apax Partners & Co Ltd
Barry Ross
Director, Group Research, Strategy and Alliances, Glaxo-Wellcome Research & Development

Financing Biotechnology Companies in Europe

The Speakers were:
Meredith Lloyd-Evans
Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair) 
Nigel Atkinson
Head of Listing, London Stock Exchange
Chad Floe
Lehman Bros
Jacques Putzyes

1996 Philadelphia

Technology Transfer in Action

The Speakers were:
Meredith Lloyd-Evans
Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair) 
Mike Bennett
Blakeney Hall Associates
David Owen
Medical Research Council
Bill Pike
National Life Sciences Partner, Ernst & Young
Chris Stanley
Associate, Managing Resources Ltd

Information Technology for Efficient Technology Management
The Speakers were:
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair)
Steve Gardner
Oxford Molecular Group
Colin Shanley
Associate, Managing Resources Ltd

Managing Resources also arranged and co-hosted, with eight other companies, an evening reception.

1995 San Francisco

A Window on Europe

The Speakers were:
Alan Williams
Director, Managing Resources Ltd (Chair)
Jason Avery
Ernst & Young
Mark Baxter
Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd 
Anita Crafts-Lighty
BioCommerce Data
June Grindley
Meredith Lloyd-Evans
Principal Associate, Managing Resources Ltd 

Alan Williams was also a guest speaker in the session 'Biotech Partnering: Europe and Japan' which was chaired by Steven Burrill.

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